HYTEM Fixed Attenuator DC - 26,000 MHz

  • Manufacturer: HYTEM
  • SKU: 03.02.455

Frequency Range from DC - 26,000 MHz

The HYTEM Fixed Attenuator is used to decrease a RF signal power, in particular as a protection of equipment (receiver, T&M, etc). For instance, they can be used with attenuation subracks/ handover simulators which input power is limited to +24 dBm (about 250 mW).

E-NodeB, RRH, BTS generate much higher RF power (50 to 100W, ie 47 to 50 dBm), it is therefore mandatory to use RF attenuator with 30dB minimum attenuation (50 dBm – 24 dBm = 26 dB)

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HYTEM Fixed Attenuator DC - 26,000 MHz Specifications

Model Frequency Bandwidth Attenuation Max Input Power Connector #1 Connector #2 Packaging
03.02.455 DC-26,000 MHz 10dB +/- 1 dB 2W CW N male SMA female Standard

HYTEM Fixed Attenuator DC - 26,000 MHz Resources

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