Keysight N9912A FieldFox Handheld RF Analyser, 4/6 GHz

A lightweight, durable, cable and antenna analyser, spectrum analyser, network analyser, and more

Keysight's FieldFox portable analysers are equipped to handle your toughest working environments during routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting, and anything in between.

Frequency Range

4 GHz


6 GHz

Keysight N9912A FieldFox Handheld RF Analyser, 4/6 GHz Product Description

N9912A is a portable battery-operated RF analyser; N9912A includes a cable and antenna tester, distance to fault tester, spectrum analyser, power meter, 1-channel vector voltmeter, and transmission/reflection vector network analyser.

Keysight N9912A FieldFox is the world's most integrated handheld instrument for wireless network installation and maintenance (I&M). FieldFox improves RF field engineers' and technicians' productivity to perform base station I&M more efficiently and accurately.

Key measurements include cable and antenna test, spectrum analysis, vector network analysis, and true average power measurements. The Keysight FieldFox handheld RF analyzer is the first and only RF tool for base station I&M that is calibration-ready at the test port. It combines multiple RF measurement capabilities in one rugged, compact and lightweight package and can tackle complex wireless networks with test times that are more than 50 percent faster than traditional testers.

Keysight's FieldFox is the only handheld analyser that can make return-loss and distance-to-fault measurements at the same time. This allows users to quickly check system performance and identify potentially degraded system components simultaneously, doubling the efficiency compared to traditional testers.

Key features of Keysight's FieldFox handheld RF analyser, include:

  • Integrated QuickCal eliminates the need to carry a calibration kit into the field, simplifying cable and antenna test and providing worry-free accuracy and repeatability with every measurement.
  • Immediate calibration with FieldFox's CalReady makes the unit calibration ready at the cable and antenna test port immediately following power-up or preset.
  • A task-driven user interface derived directly from standard field test procedures guides performance tasks naturally and easily.
  • Unmatched sweep speed reduces time-to-problem resolution with test times more than 50 percent faster than traditional RF handheld instruments.
  • Fast fault location with 1001-point resolution and 96-dB dynamic range in the spectrum analysis mode.
  • Versatile field usability with its lightweight (6.2 lbs.), transflective display, backlit keys, simple data transfer and modern connectivity. The water-resistant chassis withstands wide temperature ranges and humid environments, meeting tough environmental standards (MIL-PRF-28800F).


  • Cable and antenna analyser for return loss, one-port cable loss, distance to fault, line sweeping, and VSWR measurements
  • Handheld network analyser (S11, S21, phase, and Smith Chart)
  • Handheld spectrum analyser, optional preamplifier


  • Integrated QuickCal allows you to calibrate FieldFox without a calibration kit, providing worry-free accuracy and repeatability
  • Immediate calibration with FieldFox's CalReady makes the unit calibration ready at the test port immediately following power-up
  • Broadband calibration with automatic interpolation to eliminate re-calibration of FieldFox when the test frequency or the number of points changes
  • Mechanical open, short, load calibration support

FieldFox RF Analyser base functions: One port cable and antenna analyser, broadband calibration, CalReady, standard mechanical cal kit support (cal kit optional). Measurements include: return loss, distance to fault (DTF), one port cable loss and VSWR.


  • Standard CAT and optional VNA: 2 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer (optional): 100 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Carry the world’s most integrated handheld RF analyser: standard model includes cable and antenna analyser
  • Expand capabilities with optional T/R VNA, spectrum analyser, built-in power meter, and more
  • Save time by measuring RL and DTF simultaneously in the same sweep
  • Calibrate simply in the field with QuickCal
  • Easily measure average and pulse power with a USB power sensor
  • Lightest, all-in-one analyser at only 6.2 lb. (2.8 kg)

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