Tektronix PA1000 Single-Phase Power Analyser

Testing to International Standards such as IEC62301 and IEC61000

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The Tektronix PA1000 is a single-phase power analyser optimized for easy and accurate energy consumption, standby power and harmonic testing to international standards such as IEC62301 and IEC61000. Default application modes and powerful software features allow you to quickly set up, analyse and document all critical power parameters.

Tektronix PA1000 Single-Phase Power Analyser Product Description

The Tektronix PA1000 is a single-phase, single-channel power analysis solution that is optimized for fast, efficient, and accurate power consumption testing to international standards. It's compact size, DMM-like user-interface, graphical display, and powerful software enable users to quickly visualize, analyze, and document the power consumption efficiency of next-generation devices, including standby power measurements and harmonic analysis.

Key specifications

  • 1 MHz bandwidth
  • 5 mW standby power measurements
  • Harmonic analysis to the 50th order (standard)
  • +/- 0.04% basic accuracy
  • 20 µA to 20 Arms direct current input
  • 1 V to 600 Vrms (Cat II) voltage input
  • USB, LAN, and GPIB interfaces (standard)
  • Three-year warranty

Tektronix PA1000 Single-Phase Power Analyser Specifications

Model Channels Basic Accuracy (V & I) Max Voltage Input Max Current Input Measurement Bandwidth
PA1000 1 0.04% reading + 0.04% range 600 VRMS 20 ARMS DC to 1 MHz

Tektronix PA1000 Single-Phase Power Analyser Resources

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