Ceyear 4051A-S 4 GHz Signal/Spectrum Analyser

  • Manufacturer: Ceyear
  • SKU: 4051A-S

Frequency Range: 10 MHz - 4 GHz

The Ceyear 4051A-S Signal/Spectrum Analyser offers superb spectrum measurement with a high price-performance ratio. This model features excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude precision and measurement speed. There are ten measurement functions in total including high-performance spectrum analysis and standard power measurement modules conforming to relevant criteria.

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Ceyear 4051A-S 4 GHz Signal/Spectrum Analyser Product Description

4051A-S signal/spectrum analyser has excellent performance in dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and measurement speed. The4051A-S model has various measurement functions including high-sensitivity spectrum Analyser, standard power measurement components, IQ Analyser, Vector Signal Analyser, Real-Time Spectrum Analyser, Transient Analyser, Pulse Signal Analyser, Audio Analyser, Analog Demodulation measurement, and Phase Noise measurement, Noise Figure, etc., which can provide you reliable high-performance measurement service. With great extension capacity, Its performance can be further improved by flexible configuration of different options. Through various digital and analog signal output interfaces, the spectrum analyser can be taken to establish measurement systems or get secondary development. It can be widely used for signal and equipment measurement in field of aviation, aerospace, radar detection, communication, electronic countermeasures, and navigation etc.

Ceyear 4051A-S Functions & Features

  • Coaxial frequency range up to 4 GHz
  • Max. 550 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Excellent measurement & receiving performance
  • Comprehensive spectrum analysis capability
  • Abundant measurement application functions
  • Powerful RF signal streaming and playback analysis function
  • Flexible analog signal output interface

Phase Noise measurement / Audio Analysis /—Analog Demodulation Analysis function

The Phase Noise measurement relies on the excellent phase noise of the signal analyser and provides one-button automatic measurement to meet the daily signal source phase noise measurement applications. Independently optimised audio measurement channel for low frequency signal parameter measurement and analysis. Analog Demodulation Analyser is used to simulate terminal, radio, and general analog modulation source measurement. Demodulate the AM/FM/ΦM signal and measure parameters such as modulation index, modulation distortion, residual FM, and FM linearity and so on.

Excellent Measurement and Receiving Performances

  • 1 GHz testing DANL is -153dBm/Hz. If configured with preamplifier, the typical value is -166 dBm/Hz.
  • 26.5 GHz testing DANL is -141dBm/Hz. If configured with preamplifier, the typical value is -160 dBm/Hz.
  • All digital IF design, outstanding scale fidelity and IF error rate

Overall Spectrum Analysis Capabilities

  • Support frequency sweep and FFT sweep
  • Zero frequency band fast sweep, the fastest sweep time is 1µs
  • Accurate frequency counting, counting resolution can be 0.001 Hz
  • Sweep points numbers can be arbitrarily selected among 101~30001
  • 6 traces can be configured, with abundant marker operation functions
  • 6 detector modes, 3 average types.
  • Support time gate measurement
  • Occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power measurement functions
  • Measurement functions of power statistics, burst power, harmonic distortion, TOI, spurious emission etc.

Ceyear 4051A-S 4 GHz Signal/Spectrum Analyser Specifications

Model Frequency Range (DC Coupled) Frequency Range (AC Coupled) Frequency Counting Accuracy Weight Power Consumption Temperature Range
4051A-S 3 Hz - 4 GHz 10 MHz - 4 GHz ±(Frequency readout × frequency reference accuracy+0.1 Hz) Approx. 25kg Standby: less than 20W; operating: less than 400W Operating temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C

Ceyear 4051A-S 4 GHz Signal/Spectrum Analyser Resources

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