Tektronix TekScope™ PC Analysis Software

TekScope brings the power of the oscilloscope analysis environment to the PC.

Get the analysis capability of an award-winning oscilloscope on your PC. Analyse waveforms anywhere, anytime. The basic license lets you view and analyse waveforms, perform many types of measurements and decode the most common serial buses - all while remotely accessing your oscilloscope.

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Tektronix TekScope™ PC Analysis Software Product Description

TekScope brings the power of the oscilloscope analysis environment to the PC. Users have the flexibility to perform analysis tasks including serial decode, power analysis, as well as timing, eye, and jitter analysis outside the lab. You can continue your session from your oscilloscope at any place and share the results. Reduces efforts to see screenshots when you need to dive deeper or while sharing. Reload the session on your 4/5/6 oscilloscope, if you want to redo the measurement.

Waveform data and setup in sessions from Tektronix 4/5/6 Series MSO, 5LP/6LPD Series MSO, and waveform data from 3 Series MDO, DPO/MSO/MDO3000, DPO/MSO/MDO4000, DPO7000C, or DPO/MSO70000C/D/DX/SX Series Oscilloscopes can quickly be shared between team members and remote sites, resulting in improved efficiency.


  • Collaborate
    • TekScope runs on your PC: Enables better time and resource utilization; view, measure, and analyze data captured in your lab, independent of the oscilloscope hardware.
    • Compatible with most common save/recall waveform files: Common analysis tools independent of the hardware acquisition, including:
      • .tss (4/5/6 Series session files – setups and waveforms)
      • .wfm, .isf (Tektronix)
      • .bin (Keysight)
      • .trc (Lecroy)
      • .tr0 (Spice)
      • .csv (general purpose)
  • Analyse
    • Cursors: Waveform, V Bars, H Bars, and V&H Bars
    • Measurements: 34 standard
    • Plots: Time Trend, Histogram, Spectrum, XY, and XYZ
    • Math: Basic waveform arithmetic, FFT, and advanced equation editor
    • Search: Quickly find events in your data based on specified criteria
    • Clocked/unclocked Parallel Bus Decode
    • Multi-Scope Analysis: Remotely connect to multiple oscilloscopes to view and analyze real-time data from many channels simultaneously. Connect up to four oscilloscopes and 32 channels.
    • Low Speed Protocol Decode: Protocol Decode and Search Analysis of all common Embedded, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer and Audio protocols.
    • Advanced Jitter Measurements and Eye Analysis
    • Power Electronic Analysis:
      • Advanced Power Analysis
      • Magnetics Analysis
      • Inverter Motor Drive Analysis
    • Power Integrity Analysis:
      • Digital Power Management
      • SPMI Serial Decode and Search
    • SpectrumView Analysis: Perform time and frequency domains simultaneously.
    • Easy Access to Remote Oscilloscope: Use TekScope to remotely pull data from your oscilloscope and perform offline measurements and analysis.
  • Document
    • Waveform and plot annotations: Share detailed analysis results; measurements, anomalies, and points of interest for future reference, collaboration with suppliers, or communicating with the team.
    • Reports: Easily document measurement results and configuration details with detailed test report.
    • Custom display configuration: Group plots in multiple configurations with stacked or overlaid waveform view.

Applications and uses

  • Offline analysis: Analyze your waveform files from any location at any time to improve your working efficiency without any internet or intranet connection.
  • Real-Time analysis: Remotely connect to the newest and most modern Tektronix oscilloscopes to acquire data directly from oscilloscope in real-time. Save time and eliminate unnecessary trips to the lab with data available at your desk, at home, or while traveling.
  • Multi-Scope analysis: View and analyze data from multiple oscilloscopes on the same screen. Rearrange channel information, stack group, zoom, add cursors or measurements in a seamless interface. Increase your ability to look at a greater number of channels, all in a single view to accelerate your analysis efficiency.
  • Data sharing: Share waveforms, measurements, and configuration details among distributed team members or suppliers to root cause the source of failures. Dive into the actual data rather than using static screenshots and eyeballing images.
  • Enhance your measurements and analysis options: Not every oscilloscope has the latest and most modern software options. TekScope enables you to leverage our award-winning 4/5/6 Series user interface and software options and apply them to any Tektronix oscilloscope and to most of competitors’ oscilloscopes as well.

TekScope overview

Today's systems become more complex and teams are more distributed across geographies, functional areas of expertise, even partners and suppliers. As many engineers move to off-scope environments, TekScope allows the engineer to process, analyze, and share data efficiently, without having to be physically next to an oscilloscope or in the testing environment. The ease of operating with the TekScope software alongside other tools that you use every day allows faster correlation and insight. These needs range from easy ways to share data, the ability to run measurements outside the lab, and methods to correlating lab measurements with simulation results.

Collaborate - TekScope runs on your PC, enabling analysis of data captured in your lab. Sessions can easily be saved on your Tektronix oscilloscope and recalled at any given time. In addition to Tektronix waveforms, other file formats are supported including .wfm, .isf, .tss, .bin, .trc, .csv, and .tr0, to enable correlation.

Analyze - Measurements performed on TekScope use a common measurement library with 4/5/6 Series Tektronix oscilloscope to correlate the results. TekScope supports a range of measurements including power, jitter, and eye measurements. Plots can be customized and are interactive with zoom and cursor controls allowing custom views to share.

Document - Results and views can be saved as a session file and archived for later use or sent to a colleague or supplier for a debug session. Alternatively, results can be archived and saved in the .pdf or the .mht format using the report generator. The report can be customized to include the information of interest including: configuration details, measurement results, and plots. Plot and measurement data can also be saved to a .csv format file for archiving or data analysis in external applications.

Collaboration and setup sharing

Sharing data acquired on the oscilloscope for use with TekScope is as simple as saving 4/5/6 Series session and recalling in the application. Waveforms captured on any Tektronix oscilloscope can also be loaded using TekScope application.

Workflow improvements

Sessions from the 4/5/6 Series Oscilloscope enables improvements to your workflow. Saving a session from your oscilloscope is easily recalled in TekScope for further analysis and annotations. Using TekScope to tell your data story improves the ability to provide clarity over static images like screenshots. With a 4/5/6 Series Oscilloscope, you can also make changes to settings and restore your session back on your oscilloscope to resume where you left off without needing to reconfigure the oscilloscope from the beginning.


Start to add annotations, measurements, decode, and plots after capturing your data. Free up your oscilloscope for colleagues, work from the comfort of your desk or even from home. By adding analysis when you want to, your data story unfolds for more flexibility in creating presentations and sharing results than relying only on static screenshots. Post-analysis lets you go back to past captures to double check results without needing to set up the oscilloscope again. Rather than starting from scratch when you do need to re-measure, simply reload your session file on the 4/5/6 Series MSO with any changes you need in settings and rapidly get back to work.


Most oscilloscopes measure only on the first cycles of the waveform. TekScope measurement system allows measurements on all occurrences in the record. This improvement increases your measurement insights from all other waveforms and from other oscilloscopes. To gather measurement statistics, generates statistics from a single waveform rather than requiring multiple waveforms. Our measurement algorithms are also clearly documented in our Help system, which ensures the confidence in your results.

Reports for data archive

After completion of analysis, a report is generated to share or archive. Options, including the ability to include plots or configuration details, allow the user to specify the information that goes in the report. Reports can be archived as an .mht or .pdf file.

Waveform correlation between lab or simulation results

A common issue that arises when taking lab measurements is correlation between instrumentation and simulation. The source of differences can be related to a difference in measurement algorithms. TekScope allows the user to import multiple waveform formats from different sources, including .wfm, .isf, .tss, .csv, .bin, .trc, and .tr0, enabling the use of common analysis tools, eliminating the differences due to differing analysis tools. For example, the user can simultaneously compare the eye opening of a waveform captured in the lab vs. a simulated waveform or waveform captured on a different oscilloscope.

Multi-Scope remote analysis

Developing test applications that require many oscilloscope channels, sometimes from two or more oscilloscopes, can impose significant feasibility challenges as well as greater development efforts and longer time to market. You can now add more channels to your testing environment while setting the multi-scope system to behave as one unit and save a lot of time analyzing many channels from different oscilloscopes and trying to synchronize all of them together.

View and analyze data from multiple oscilloscopes on the same screen. Rearrange channel information, stack group, zoom, add cursors or measurements in a seamless interface. This capability supports up to four oscilloscopes and 32 channels.

The Multi-Scope analysis solution enables you to remotely control the acquisition settings on all oscilloscopes simultaneously without the need to set up each oscilloscope individually. It provides a way to catch very fast glitches in high resolution across many channels at the same time. Once the data is acquired and captured on TekScope, you can then run measurements and analyze across all channels from different oscilloscopes at once.

Data transfer modes

  1. Simple data transfer without triggering remote oscilloscopes – Get what you see on the oscilloscope.

    [Use Refresh Waveforms button].

  2. Acquire new waveform data upon triggering remote oscilloscopes. Trigger/Horizontal/Vertical settings are controlled by TekScope.

    [Use Utility > I/O > TekScope Remote Control button set to ON and use Acquire button to acquire the data]

  3. Acquire new waveform data upon triggering remote oscilloscopes. Trigger/Horizontal/Vertical settings are not controlled by TekScope, but instead TekScope uses the locally-configured settings on each oscilloscope.

    [Use Utility > I/O > TekScope Remote Control button set to OFF and use Acquire button to acquire the data]

Synchronising channels across instruments

For the Multi-Scope analysis solution to be most accurate, it is important to set up your instruments so that all channels can be tightly synchronized and less skewed. Skew is the time difference between instrument channels from the perfect ideal alignment. Deskewing removes different forms of errors such as jitter, delta-time accuracy, and cable delay. There are multiple ways to skew channel data.

As time correlation among channels from different oscilloscopes is dependent on the instruments' setup, cases can range from 350 ps of skew between all channels using an easy setup to below 50 ps using a setup that involves more steps. Following are the examples of two edges:

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