LitePoint IQxel-M Bluetooth Advanced Measurement System

Bluetooth Advanced Measurement System

IQxel-M™ Bluetooth Advanced measurement system is a major advancement in speed and efficiency for performing over-the-air (OTA) testing of Bluetooth low energy devices. Using LitePoint’s proprietary measurement techniques, testing Bluetooth devices is simpler, faster and better than ever before.

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LitePoint IQxel-M Bluetooth Advanced Measurement System Product Description

Bluetooth Advanced

Get Results Quickly

  • Compatible with any Bluetooth low energy peripheral or beacon device
  • Simple turnkey test solution works with all Bluetooth LE chipsets
  • No setup required—Device simply needs to be transmitting advertising packets
  • No need to install special software on the DUT—test with device’s production firmware
  • No DUT communication port needed
  • Test can be radiated or conducted

Robust RF Parametric Test Coverage

  • Transmitter power, modulation quality, in-band emissions
  • Receiver sensitivity and PER
  • Results for Low, Mid and High channels

Advanced Measurement Methodology

  • Performs transmitter and receiver measurements using dedicated advertising channels (which transmit beacon signals/establish a connection with a controller), which enables excellent coverage and confidence in the parametric performance of the device
  • Uses normal commercial firmware, which further improves confidence that results are correlated with actual performance of real devices

High Speed Manufacturing Throughput

  • Typical transmitter and receiver test performed in <5 seconds for all advertising channels
  • Very rapid test ensures both transmitter and receiver are functional and performing within user defined specifications

Technology Options

  • Bluetooth, Low Energy (4.0, 4.1, 4.2)

When & Where to Use the Bluetooth Advanced IQxel-M Solution for Testing?

  • In the lab or manufacturing environments
  • For final product testing lifecycle stages
  • For Bluetooth low energy-enabled IoT devices

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