• Manufacturer: RTX
  • SKU: RTX2010HS


KDECT RF Tester RTX2010HS - is designed for use in the Korean DECT band and supports a wide range of RF tests in connected mode (signalling mode). Due to its high-performance measurement capability, it is ideal for high-throughput manufacturing applications but its extended measurement capabilities also make it a perfect tool for R&D applications.

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RTX2010HS KDECT RF Tester Product Description

RTX2010HS KDECT RF Test Platform

The high-performance measurement capability of the RTX2010HS makes it ideal for high-throughput manufacturing applications. Its extended measurement capabilities make it a perfect tool for R&D environments and certification labs as well. The tester can be setup as either a handset or a base station, with added test capabilities. Used in fixed part testing, the RTX2010HS acts as a handset and the Device Under Test (DUT) acts as a base station and vice versa.

Portable Part Test

The RTX2010HS has the ability to act as a base station Fixed Part (FP). In this mode the tester lets the DUT (handset) lock onto the applied dummy signal. The tester can then establish a test mode connection to the DUT in order to perform measurements of the RF characteristics. The RTX2010HS also has the ability to act as a Portable Part (PP), locking onto a base station under test. With the base station test mode enabled, the RF characteristics can be measured.

Signalling Mode

The RTX2010HS uses loop-back signalling, hence transmitting data to the DUT and receiving the looped data for RF analysis. Applying this approach enables easy measurement of several RF parameters of the DUT, as well as being able to determine the DUT receiver sensitivity.

User Interface

The RTX2010HS can be operated using the supplied Windows® based user interface or by sending SCPI format commands, either in the Windows environment or from within a test executer. Using the Windows based MMI, all transmitter and receiver measurements are shown in a separate window with bars and graphs for identifying pass/fail limits.

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