RTX2254 Bluetooth Low Energy RF Tester

  • Manufacturer: RTX
  • SKU: RTX2254

Bluetooth Low Energy RF Tester

The Bluetooth Low-Energy RF Tester RTX2254 supports Bluetooth 4.0-5.1 and provides a high-speed, cost-effective way of monitoring quality and performance of BLE devices by allowing users to test key RF parameters on both the PCBA and final assembly level. RF measurements are performed in Direct Test Mode via the tester's embedded HCI interface or as an option also Over-The-Air via the advertising channels i.e. in Advertising mode.

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RTX2254 Bluetooth Low Energy RF Tester Product Description

RTX2254 Bluetooth RF Tester

The RTX2254 consists of a dedicated RF analyser and generator and a versatile software package for test of Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) RF performance. The RTX2254 can be operated using the RTX Windows-based GUI where all measurements are easily configured, executed and shown in the main window.

The RTX2254 is available with 1 or 2 RF IN/OUT ports and HCI connections on the front panel for connection to DUT’s. The HCI connections comply to the physical layers defined for utilisation of DTM (USB, UART 4 and 2 wire). RTX2254’s with dual-DUT support includes an internal switch for supporting ATE applications with dual cavities and enhance equipment utilisation and reduced tact time.

RTX2254 User Interface

The RTX2254 GUI provides easy and flexible configuration of the measurement setup for both the RTX2254 and the DUT for performing RF measurements. Users can e.g. choose the channels, parameters and number of measurements. In addition, the RTX2254 provides the user utilisation of the embedded RF analyser and signal generator as individual instruments, which can be very useful for e.g. R&D. Furthermore, the GUI includes data logging functionality for logging measurement data into a local .txt file for later analysis.

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