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Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS is the term for satellite navigation systems that provide positioning with global coverage. A GNSS allow small electronic receivers to determine their location (longitude, latitude, and altitude) to within a few metres using time signals transmitted along a line of sight by radio from satellites.

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LitePoint IQnav+ GPS/GLONASS Test Solution

Premier Test Solution for GPS and GLONASS enabled devices

IQnav+™ is a premier test solution for GPS and GLONASS enabled devices. It provides signal generation capability over a wide power range supporting both conducted and radiated test methods.


LitePoint IQxel-M Wireless Connectivity Test System

One-box Test Solution for all your Wireless Connectivity Testing Needs

IQxel-M™ is a flexible and comprehensive, one-box test solution for all your wireless connectivity testing needs, including navigation technologies. Suitable for the lab or manufacturing environment, IQxel-M is ideal for testing mobile or IoT products.


LitePoint IQxel-MW Multi-Device Test Solution

Multi-Device Test Solution

IQxel-MW™ is a comprehensive, multi-device test solution with superior performance for the next generation of wireless connectivity devices, ideal for both R&D and high-volume production.


LitePoint IQxstream Multi-DUT Cellular Test System

Multi-DUT Cellular Test System

IQxstream® is the industry’s first multi-device cellular communication test solution for precise calibration and verification of 2G/3G/4G smart devices.


LitePoint IQxstream-5G Sub-6 GHz Cellular Test System

Sub-6 GHz Cellular Test System

The IQxstream-5G™ is the industry’s first sub-6 GHz 5G single-box tester with 200 MHz of bandwidth supporting the 3GPP NR 5G specification evolution.


LitePoint IQxstream-M Multi-DUT Mobile Test System

Multi-DUT Mobile Test System

IQxstream-M™ is an ultra-compact and flexible multi-DUT wireless tester that is simple to deploy and maintain in manufacturing environments for precise calibration and verification of 2G/3G/4G smart devices like smartphones.


Tescom TC-2800A GNSS Signal Generator

GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou Signals Generator

The Tescom TC-2800A GNSS signal generator measures the quality of the receiver in the production line by generating GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou signals.


Viavi GPSG-1000 Portable Satellite Simulator

Portable, Easy-to-use GPS and Galileo Positional Simulator

The configurable Viavi GPSG-1000 is a truly portable, easy-to-use GPS and Galileo positional simulator. It fills a gap in the market by providing a low-cost 12 channel test set that creates three-dimensional simulations.

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