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RF Shielded Enclosures


Are you looking to acquire an RF shielded environment?

MCS Test work in partnership with Comtest Engineering, who have over 30 years experience in the design and construction of high-quality RF shielded enclosures. If you’d like to find out more about RF shielded enclosures from Comtest, please contact our team of specialist technical consultants.

Comtest design, manufacture and build the following shielded enclosures:

RF Shielded rooms

RF Shielded RoomAs well as being used for EMC chambers, RF shielded rooms have a number of different applications and form the basis for a wide variety of testing ranges. Comtest offer the following common RF shielded room types:

  • RF shielded data centre
  • Main Equipment Rooms (also known as a MER room)
  • Conference rooms and crisis control centres
  • RF shielded control and amplifier rooms
  • Conductive test chambers
  • Reverberation chambers
  • (Semi) Anechoic chambers
  • Tempest shielded facilities
  • RF shielded containers


Tempest shielded rooms

Tempest Shielded FacilityComtest builds Tempest shielded facilities to prevent uncontrolled distribution of secure information. All electronic devices, including computers and computer screens, have an unintended amount of radiated electromagnetic emissions. Because these emissions can be intercepted and reconstructed into data, they present a serious security risk. One possible, cost-effective solution to this risk is housing sensitive equipment and information in a Tempest shielded room.

RF Shielded ContainerRF Shielded containers for radio astronomy

Protecting valuable data from electromagnetic and RF interference is a number one priority when you’re involved in astronomical research. Comtest designs and builds RF shielded containers that create a stable and air-conditioned environment with a high RF shielding effectiveness that’s perfect for radio astronomy.

Looking to test the radiated emissions and / or radiated immunity of your new product or device?  Find out more about Anechoic Chambers from Comtest.