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Anritsu introduces remote control software to PIM Master MW82119A


Anritsu has recently introduced Windows-based remote control software for its leading portable PIM Master MW82119A.

The new software now gives users control of a configured MW82119A on top of the tower, there making it easier and more efficient to conduct measurements.

The software, which is free, is compatible with all popular versions of Windows® and can be ran on a tablet as well as a laptop. Connection is made over Ethernet or by using a compact Wi-Fi travel router.

The new software continues Anritsu’s commitment to providing the marketplace with test solutions that address field market conditions is compatible with all six PIM Master MW81129A models.

The PIM Master MW82119A remote control software is available to download from the Anritsu website now.

The Anritsu MW82119A is currently available to buy as a new or rental purchase from MCS Test Equipment.

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