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LitePoint Test Solutions for Wearables


LitePoint technology verifies and calibrates the most commonly used technologies in wearable devices and continues to develop test solutions for new wireless technologies.

The development of wearables

The development of wearable devices is being driven largely by new innovations in wireless technologies.

Wearables began as wrist-worn devices for those interested in tracking their sporting achievements or daily physical activity. Today, wearable technologies have expanded into wirelessly-enabled trainers, Internet-enabled augmented-reality glasses, smart watches and even contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels to alert people with diabetes when they need a snack, an insulin injection or serious medical attention.

Wireless technologies in wearables today

  • Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy) – Enables small coin-cell batteries that consume power at such low levels to last for months or years, making wearable devices hassle-free in daily life. It also facilitates short-range downloads of data from a wearable device to Internet-based applications.
  • Wi-Fi – Lightning fast data networks make it possible to surf the Internet on your wristwatch powered by small but powerful processors
  • GPS – Tracks your activities from anywhere on Earth through a global satellite network to measure how far you swim, bike or run

Recent advances in wireless technologies are now making wearable devices much more widespread and affordable and the market for wearable devices is set for huge growth in the near future.


LitePoint Solutions for Wearables

 LitePoint IQnfc


The LitePoint IQnfc is a simple-to-setup and easy-to-use system that allows one-click operation to quickly characterize the NFC physical layer in both R&D and Production.


LitePoint IQ2015


The LitePoint IQ2015 is an integrated system capable of testing up to seven RF standards. The base model comes ready to test WiFi and Bluetooth®, while GPS, GLONASS, FM, NFC, and/or WiMAX can be easily added anytime.


LitePoint IQ2010


The LitePoint IQ2010 multicom test system supports parallel testing across multiple technologies such as WLAN / WiMAX / Bluetooth / GPS / FM and NFC.