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Looking to save costs on EMC compliance?


Failing EMC Compliance at the test lab can be costly, both in terms of time and money. So how do you prevent test fails or at least reduce the likelihood of failure?

One solution is to invest in a Precompliance Test Package. Although this won’t guarantee you’ll pass 100%, what these packages do give you is peace of mind by helping you to prevent the most common EMC test fails.

Yes, it does require some initial investment but there are some great value sets around which will soon pay for themselves in reduced testing costs and project delays.

So what packages are available?

Two off-the-shelf solutions are available from Rohde & Schwarz:

These product sets include all necessary instruments to analyse typical EMC problems. Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a 1 GHz and a 3 GHz combination

Hameg EMC Precompliance Set 1 (1 GHz)


  • Spectrum analyser HMS-X incl. HMS-EMC option
  • Probe set HZ530
  • Line impedance stabilization network (LISN) HM6050-2
  • HMExplorer software

Hameg EMC Precompliance Set 2 (3 GHz)

Differences to Set 1:

  • HMS-3G option additional
  • 3 GHz probe set HZ540 instead of HZ530

If either of the above don’t exactly fit the bill then why not have a chat with one of our EMC specialists? We can create a bespoke EMC Pre-compliance package, tailored to your individual requirements.

As official distributors for the leading EMC equipment manufacturers including Nexio, Vectawave, Com Power, Magna Power and Rigol we have the products and the knowledge to meet all your precompliance needs.

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