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New microwave FSW model from Rohde & Schwarz


Rohde & Schwarz has increased the frequency range of its FSW model to 50 GHz. Covering the frequency range from 2 Hz - 50 GHz, this new FSW is ideal for sophisticated R&D measurements as well as radar and satellite applications.

The frequency range can be extended to 110 GHz using harmonic mixers available from Rohde & Schwarz.

The analysis bandwidth of the FSW50 has also doubled from 160 MHz to 320 MHZ, offering unequalled demodulation of wideband signals up to 50 GHZ.

Microwave analyser

The FSW50 is an excellent microwave analyser, with wide RF dynamic range, high measurement speed and various measurement functions making it an ideal choice for industrial and university R&D laboratories.  The FSW50 would also be beneficial in aerospace / defence calibration labs where a maximum input frequency of 50 GHz or high repeatability of results is required.

Integrated Multistandard Radio Analyser (MSRA) function

With the FSW50’s MSRA function, you can measure spectrum and modulation parameters of differently modulated signals, including their correlation in time.

This makes it simple to analyse how different signals affect each other, and provides an efficient way of identifying errors caused by this interaction.

More features:

  • User-friendly  12.1” (31 cm) touchscreen interface
  • Display multiple measurements and different applications on screen with the MultiView function

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