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New MSO8000 Series Oscilloscope from Rigol



Rigol Technologies has released a significant addition to their oscilloscope portfolio, the new MSO8000 Series Oscilloscope.

The Rigol MSO8000 series is a medium and high-end mixed-signal digital oscilloscope designed on the basis of the ASIC chip and UltraVision II technical platform developed by Rigol.

This oscilloscope is available in three different bandwidths (fully upgradeable):

Integrating 7 independent instruments into one, the MSO8064 features analogue bandwidth of up to 600 MHz, extremely high memory depth of 500 Mpts, sound waveform display effects, excellent waveform capture rate, and powerful data analysis functions.

Meanwhile, it supports the real-time eye diagram measurement and jitter analysis. Its cost-effective features and high performance make it prominent as the 2 GHz mixed-signal digital oscilloscope.

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