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Tescom introduce newly upgraded shield box models



Tescom have announced new versions of two of their shield boxes. The newly upgraded TC-5922B and TC-5922BP replace their predecessors, the TC-5922A and TC-5922AP.

These new versions have been released because of a change in the machining method. Whilst there are no changes in RF specification, there have been minor changes in the inner and outer sizes of these shield boxes and also changes in the RF ports interval.

A comparison of the changes is shown in the images below or as a PDF in the product discontinuation notice.


The TC-5922A and TC-5922AP will be discontinued along with two other models, the TC-5921AE and the TC-5922AE.

The last order date for all these models is 30th June 2018. Please contact us for details on technical support and the after service schedule for these shield boxes.