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Top Ten Spectrum Analysers This Year


Our top ten this week puts the spotlight on spectrum analysers. Researched from MCS data, here’s our run down of the ten most requested bench and handheld spectrum analysers for 2013 so far.

10. Rigol DSA1030 3 GHz Spectrum Analyser

We start off at number ten with the DSA 1030 3 GHz analyser from Rigol. 

A great value analyser, its compact size and light weight make it perfect for general purpose benchtop and field applications.

9. Aeroflex (Willtek) 9102 Handheld Spectrum Analyser

Coming in at number nine is our first Aeroflex analyser from the 9100 handheld series.

Small in size and weight, the 9102 has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 4 GHz and a resolution bandwidth (RBW) of an exceptional 1 kHz.

8. Anritsu MS2719B - 9 kHz to 20 GHz Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyser

This analyser offers advanced spectrum analysis at a great price. Can be enhanced with up to 15 wireless options for testing protocols from GSM to Mobile WiMAX and TD-SCDMA.

7. Protek 7830 Handheld Spectrum Analyser

Covering 100KHz to 2.9GHz measurement range, this compact analyser has a variety of measurement functions including marker, delta marker, peak search and channel power measurement.

6. Rohde & Schwarz FSU67 Spectrum Analyser

At number six is the first of three Rohde & Schwarz analysers in our top ten.

The FSU67 is the first spectrum analyser with a direct frequency range to 67 GHz and fundamental mixing. Also features 1 dB compression: +13 dBm (0 dB RF attenuation)

5. Rohde & Schwarz FSV3 Signal and Spectrum Analyser

Next up is the FSV3 from Rohde and Schwarz. 

This fast, versatile analyser has a frequency range up to 3.6 GHz, 40 MHz signal analysis bandwidth and 0.4 dB level measurement uncertainty up to 7 GHz

4. Anritsu MS2711D - Spectrum Master - Handheld Spectrum Analyser

Covering the 100 kHz to 3.0 GHz frequency band, the MS2711D has a rugged, ultra-lightweight, battery-operated design and includes a built-in standard preamplifier.

3. Rohde & Schwarz FSL6 Spectrum Analyser

The final Rohde & Schwarz on our list - the FSL6 - takes third spot.

This extremely lightweight and compact analyser has the best RF characteristics in its class. With a frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, the FSL6 is available with or without a tracking generator.

2. Aeroflex (Willtek) 9103 Handheld Spectrum Analyser (100 kHz to 7.5 GHz)

Coming in at number two is the 9103 from Aeroflex.

Ideal for lab and field use, including cable and antenna measurements and EMC pre-qualification tests, the 9103 has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 7.5 GHz and a resolution bandwidth (RBW) of an exceptional 1 kHz.

1. Rigol DSA815-TG Spectrum Analyser

Taking top spot as the most requested spectrum analyser of 2013 so far is the Rigol DSA815-TG

This 1.5 GHz analyser features a unique widescreen display, compact design, and a wide range of standard functions including AM/FM demodulation and a preamplifier. Also includes a 1.5 GHz tracking generator.

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