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Upgrade to the latest Rohde & Schwarz FSW analyser



Rohde & Schwarz has completely enhanced the FSW family of high-end signal and spectrum analysers.

Looking to upgrade?

Renting or financing a new FSW from MCS couldn’t be simpler. As an approved Rohde & Schwarz rental partner we can help you get the equipment you need now without relying on capital budget, compromising on quality or spreading the procurement of multiple items over a number of years. Find out more.

What are the improved features of the new FSW?

  • Lower phase noise

Up to 10 dB lower phase noise compared with the previous models (important for troubleshooting the modulation of 5G signals in the microwave range).

  • Internal analysis bandwidth of 2 GHz

""Models above 26.5 GHz have an internal analysis bandwidth of 2 GHz. You can analyse wideband signals from radar systems or 802.11ad Wi-Fi signals without needing an external digitizer like an oscilloscope in the test setup.

You can also analyse bandwidths greater than 2 GHz (useful for automotive radar or 5G applications). When performing measurements with an R&S FSW43 or R&S FSW85, the bandwidth can be extended up to 5 GHz using a RTO2000 oscilloscope.

  • Seamless real-time analysis

800 MHz instead of 500 MHz bandwidth is now available for real-time analysis. The new FSW models process the measurement signals twice as fast as before and perform more than two million FFTs per second.

  • SCPI recorder to automate test environments

Quickly create automated test sequences with the embedded SCPI recorder.

  • Smartphone simplicity

With its capacitive touchscreen interface and redesigned operating concept, the new FSW is as easy to use as a smartphone.

What applications are FSW analysers used for?

Typical applications include:

  • wireless communications device testing for 5G and Wi-Fi
  • radar analysis in the automotive and A&D sectors
  • satellite system testing
  • characterising RF components (eg power amplifiers)

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