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Wireless Test Solutions for Smart Home Automation


More and more household devices are becoming connected to our homes. Our mobiles and tablets can control our thermostats, monitor our homes via video cameras, manage our security systems… from anywhere in the world.

In the not too distant future your car will tell your home that you’ve almost arrived and activate your central heating, heat up your oven, and switch on the lights.

Wireless connectivity expanding in our homes

Until recently, the use of Wi-Fi for home automation lacked efficiency with regard to cost and power consumption.

But the current prevalence of wirelessly networked household products has now led to substantial investment in this market by leading technology companies.

Wireless test experts LitePoint are at the forefront of the smart home revolution. LitePoint technology verifies and calibrates the most commonly used technologies used in home automation and continues to develop test solutions for evolving wireless technologies. The wireless technologies in home automation today are:

  • Wi-Fi – Facilitates control over the IP home network
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE – Allows for communication with household appliances

LitePoint  provide a number of different solutions for home automation:


Multi-DUT and multi-communication wireless connectivity test systems

IQxel-80 / IQxel-160

Industry reference 802.11ac wireless connectivity test systems


Multi-DUT cellular test system


Multi-communication connectivity test system


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